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Nursing Jobs Are Going Unfilled

Some 128,000 nurse jobs in the United States are open, according to a 2010 report by the Joint Comm. on Accred. of Healthcare Orgs. The report found that more than 90 percent of nursing homes lack a sufficient number of health care workers and hospitals are always looking for quality nursing care.

Experts blame the shortage of nurses on recent changes to the medical industry. Since the 1990s, the increase in technological improvements have led to a higher learning curve for nurses. There are patient tests to run, more machines to monitor, and more medicines that need to be given. Care is becoming more specialized, requiring a greater number of nurses and nurses with more comprehensive training (nursing job description).

Outlook For Nursing Jobs

Since this trend in the 1990's, the need for nurses has continued to grow - with more nursing jobs open than almost any other position. In fact, nursing is now one of the five the fastest-growing professions in the United States, according to the Washington, D.C.-based Department of Labor. Some states are seeing larger growth than others. For example, California nursing jobs, and Florida nursing jobs have been growing sharply over the last 5 years. With so many Baby-boomers getting older the need for highly trained and technical nursing has increased almost at an exponential rate. This has opened up many new doors for woman and men who want to join the nursing profession and get a nursing degree.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013


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